How to Creating The Future Of The Global Economy by latest technology

The world is on the top of a digital revolution. As a result, we use tools to prevent everything to stop innovation. Use of financial transaction equipment.

New Asset Classes

The digital economy is increasing at a fast rate worldwide. The current digital economy indicates the creation of digital assets of new assets and traditional assets. Emerging technology such as Beijing, Artificial Intelligence (AA), Internet Offices (IOT), and 3D printing, are playing an important principle in fuel growth.

New technology is of assets that have the ability to overcome the global economy in the future. For example, there are virtual coins and tokens in the blockchain. Whose popularity has increased since a short period of time.

The big player entering the game

Enables Blockchain users to perform faster and faster transactions than traditional methods. Blockchain features have attracted many important technology and financial companies. Including IBM, Oracle, JP Morgan Chase, and Boeing. For example, the IBM has recently established a financial technology company, Standing Gold, with a USD-based baked cryptosaur named Stundled USD. This virtual currency is an example of a traditional asset (in this case the Fai Currency Currency Currency) is used to support the user’s digital asset.

There are also examples where companies are combining two new technologies for future solutions. Aerospace Giant Beoing recently announced collaboration with artificial intelligence company SparkCognition. SparkCognition uses to prepare solution for traffic management using blockchains for non-air airlines.

The Game Changer

Asseting is not limited to traditional assets. The new market security token can use the internal value of different assets to provide. Blockchain may have a different element of security technologies and traditional security. Using smart agreements on Blockchain eliminates the need of a middle man. So reducing the transfer costs. Blockchain ‘s use is capable of influencing reliable conventional banking systems. This can be needed as a medium exchange. Because all assets are liquid, instantly available and distributed.

Automation and artificial intelligence has already made its mark in many markets. The trade algorithm has ended human traders. In the manufacturing sector, machines have already taken many jobs done by humans.

Need a new framework

In this rapidly changing economy, it is not more likely to follow traditional models and methods of making decisions. To keep up with new developments, such as DO, E, VR, P2P, and M2M, we need to create a new framework. In other words, we need to focus out of Munger’s mental models and focus on digital models. Such as network modes and potential development models.

Our economy’s digitalization is at speed. Over time, we will get a clear picture that will develop on this new Web 3.0 economy. But it is clear that it is global scale at the global economic level.

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