Seven Smartphone apps that you need in your daily life

By means of the copious positive increase in the growth of technology and its utilization has become roughly unfeasible to extend instance of time in figuring out which apps are the most excellent and which are not up to the mark.  There are millions of applications which are used in the everyday life for various purposes. Technology is getting better repeatedly and building the existence of common man incredibly hectic. It’s our duty to be in connection with these apps and make our life more comfortable.


Camscanner: It is the recognized as the world’s no.1 scanning and sharing app. The significant qualities of this app are it skims all the types of documents very quickly. The scanned documents are clearly visible with optimum colors and resolutions. Camscanner can be made effective by snipping and automatic enhancing. The special feature of the Cam Scanner is optical character recognition with the help of which it recognizes the texts in the images and uses it on accordingly in the future.


Share App:  This app is moreover described as Whatsapp. We can share the audio files, video files, and can chat with friends directly. The most excellent feature of this app is it also shares the series of music and jokes. It is very easy to use.


Wallet TrackR:  it is the app with which you can search all the essential belongings which you certainly not desire to misplace. Those important things may be your keys, folder (Wallet), and ATM Debit or credit cards. There is a wallet tracker device which is to be attached to your belongings and then set up this device with your phone. The tracker device and the mobile phone should be compatible with each other for easy processing. The characteristics of this app are additional language that is Russian, and creepy-crawly repair- virus can be repaired.

Remindo App:  this app is moreover described as the reminder app which jogs your memory with the imperative blind dates. The chief characteristic of this app is that you can put the acoustic annotations for the actions and can be played later. The interesting topic about this app is that it can be downloaded on Android and IOS mobiles. It will categorize the actions on the source of subject matter.


Must Bin: The essential data will be incarcerated, accumulated, prearranged, and pooled as memories. The imperative characteristics of Must bin are it will imprison whichever information anytime. The precious moments can be captured. The actions are premeditated in an enhanced way thereby providing the readily available information for future use. It is protected by providing the information with much ease and safe. The accumulated in sequence can be used in future in urgency. 

fetchnotes logo

Fetch Notes:   this app will endow with the reminder facility and so it is called as min’s top comrade. This app stashes the path of all the main stuff and works together instantaneously in a building where you exist in with people.  There are many features of this app. It systematizes the collection of explanation very easily. There are numerous collections of informative explanations and organizing it in a proper manner is very much useful. It endows with the terms of partaking information with much ease. It provides hashtags# to the group notes.  With the help of these hashtags, you can filter the information very easily. You can access it anywhere. It is very smart in finding the books, music, and poems from the website. It endow with the confidential strategy designed for your notes. 


Luminosity:  This app is a teaching tool to improve your reminiscence that offers awareness. Thus, there is a persistent quest for excellence. It has 40+ mind games that advance your cognitive skills. There is a training program which is personalized through the web. It traces your improvement. It educates your remembrance and enhances your concentration by recognizing the outcome. It is designed by the neuroscientists for training your memory.

Amazing mobile apps and amazing is its use. Wow! To technology which provides us the facility in every aspect.

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