WhatsApp audio: where they are stored and how to delete them to free up space

The voice messages or audio messages of WhatsApp are increasingly popular among users of such popular messaging application for mobile iOS and Android , a really useful tool that lets you send voice messages without typing with keyboard mobile ; In addition, it is an essential option for those WhatsApp users who have certain difficulties to write on the mobile. Of course, these audio messages are not saved like the rest of WhatsApp multimedia elements such as images, videos or documents, but are stored in a specific folder of the filesof the application. Therefore, we show you where to find them, how to recover them and how to eliminate them to free up space on your mobile.

How to manage and delete WhatsApp voice messages
And it is that the use of audio messages is increasingly frequent, so we can store hundreds of them on our mobile phone without knowing it, something that will occupy a considerable space in the storage of our smartphone, especially in more terminals Older with more modest features. Next, how to find voice audios, recover them and delete them from WhatsApp files .

How to find WhatsApp voice messages
Most users do not know where WhatsApp voice messages are on their mobile, since they are stored between the files of the application itself. To find the WhatsApp voice files you have to go to the file explorer of your terminal or, in its absence, download an app to manage the files of the mobile, in order to navigate through the files of the operating system, either in the internal storage or in case we have in the SD card .

Already among the files of the mobile storage we must look for the WhatsApp folder ; Inside the WhatsApp folder we will find three main folders:

Now we must access Media , where we will find a good number of folders related to WhatsApp multimedia content; Here we must access WhatsApp Voice Notes , where all audio or voice messages are stored, both sent and received.

How to recover WhatsApp voice messages
To retrieve WhatsApp voice messages we must go to the WhatsApp Voice Notes folder through the previous route, yes, we must know the approximate or exact date of the message we are looking for, since the names of the storage folders of the Audios are random and do not show any information about the author of the message. To identify the messages we must click on each of them and listen to them to identify the one we are looking for.

How to delete WhatsApp voice messages
To retrieve WhatsApp voice messages we must go to the WhatsApp Voice Notes folder through the previous path and select the audio folders we want to delete. To do this, keep the pressure a few seconds on the folder you want to delete to activate the selection boxes; Now select the folders you want to delete and press Delete to get rid of the voice message folders you want to delete.

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